Even though Metchnikov admitted he was a vitalist his views on phagocytosis were that it was a defence mechanism of pathobiont destruction (germ theory- keeping in mind his “boss” was Pasteur at the institute in Paris). Antoine Bechamp mentioned this was incorrect, and surprised so many believed or believe this view, whereas he ,and also Jules Tissot observed it as a stage of maturation of the sub cellular primal life forms (protit, microzyma, bions or the various other names that have been attributed) as mentioned below;

“The last of the bacteria approaching fusion into the mass give it the appearance of phagocytosis. This indicates that phagocytosis is really not a defense mechanism of bacterial destruction, but a stage of maturation of the subcellular primal life forms after the cellular disintegration has occurred which released them temporarily as free agents. All the other antibodies, the antitoxins, agglutinins, opsonins, and so forth, are simply phases in the maturation of bacterial forms into molds. Hence the body is not combatting the bacteria and attempting to kill the germs, but rather is speeding their maturation into a more tolerable form from which a subsequent reclamation is made to return the "delinquent" granules to a normal useful form.”


Healthy eating

80/20 Food Theory

    The Alkaline Acid Food Theory is a general principle that can serve as a guide to a healthier life-style. When allowances are made for age, climate, occupation and personal preferences, this theory can be adapted to the individual’s requirements.
    The author accepts no responsibility for the use of this information.

    For a more extensive list of foods and explanation, a chart is available for purchase at Livelife, 358 Macquarie Street, South Hobart


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    Springtime is upon us and so is the usual higher pollen count in our local atmosphere.

    Treat Yourself Right


    Treat Yourself Right

    Words, recipe and image by GENEVIEVE MORTON

    Treat yourself with nourishing wholefoods and you can have your cake and eat ice cream too
    Healthy, plant-based ingredients can transform your sweet treats from a guilty indulgence into a daily health boost. Where to start? With a fructose-free sweetener such as rice malt syrup, stevia or xylitol. Then swap store-bought chocolate for cacao and boost the nutrients even higher with a few scoops of superfood powders. Keep the fibre and protein up and don’t forget to mix in some vegetables – yes, vegetables!

    7 Ways To Treat Yourself Right
    1. Try small amounts of fructose-free sweeteners such as xylitol or rice malt syrup in raw sweet treats like bliss balls or protein balls. Fructose in high amounts has been linked to obesity, type II diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. Avoid high-fructose sweeteners such as corn syrup and agave.
    2. Sprinkle bee pollen on top of ‘nicecream’, rice pudding and panna cotta. Bee pollen is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants. It can be eaten raw, on top of your favourite smoothie bowl or frozen yoghurt. The recommend daily dose is 1 – 2 teaspoons.
    3. Add protein. Add a few scoops of vegan protein powder to bliss balls and raw cashew cheesecakes. Vegan pea protein powder is dairy-free. Hemp is also a great vegan option as it provides magnesium, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Women need at least 45g of protein a day and men need 55g. If you save sweet treats for certain times of the day, try a high protein bliss ball after a workout.
    4. Swap store-bought chocolate for cacao. Cacao gets its superfood status for good reason. Cacao contains 40 times the antioxidants as blueberries, is one of the highest plant-based sources of iron, contains more calcium than cow’s milk and is high in magnesium for a healthy heart and brain. And if that wasn’t enough, cacao is also a natural mood elevator. You can add a few tablespoons of cacao to raw brownies or make your own dairy-free chocolate bark and mix in nuts, seeds and dried fruit.
    5. Add vegetables to your sweet treats – raw and cooked. Vegetables in sweet treats? Yes. Think raw vegan carrot cake, baked zucchini chocolate muffins, and sweet potato brownies. Adding vegetables boosts fibre, vitamins and minerals.
    6. Add a spoonful of superfood blends such as the Melrose Essential Reds powder which is not only bursting with antioxidants and phytonutrients essential for good health, it also has a strawberry flavour – perfect for sweet treats. You can sprinkle superfood powder on fresh berries with yoghurt and ‘nicecream’.
    7. Don’t forget fibre. The humble chia seed is a fibre powerhouse with 11 grams per two tablespoons. Add a few tablespoons to cookie batter and raw sweet treats as a high-fibre binder instead of egg. Add a tablespoon of inulin to cakes and muffins. Inulin is a soluble fibre that your gut bacteria converts into short-chain fatty acids. Inulin can improve digestive health, promote weight loss and help control diabetes.

    Where to go for healthy wholefoods sweet treats recipes:

    Chocolate ‘Nicecream’ Super Sundae
    Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Paleo
    (serves 2 – or three smaller pots, as pictured)

    3 large frozen bananas (cut fresh bananas into quarters, wrap in plastic and pop in the freezer overnight)
    2 tbs cacao
    2 tbs maple syrup
    ½ tsp vanilla extract
    ½ cup coconut cream
    1 tsp bee pollen
    1 tsp cacao nibs

    Blend the frozen bananas, cacao, vanilla extract, maple syrup and coconut cream in the blender until creamy. Serve in two bowls and sprinkle on cacao nibs and bee pollen.


    The North American herb, Echinacea, grown and used widely in Australia.
    Echinacea is often known for its "buzzing" in the mouth effect. This is created by the chemicals in the plant that provide its immune boosting effects. If your echinacea product doesn't produce this, chances are its not very good. The chemicals, known as alkynamides are present in the root and flower and part of the plant's defence against infection.

    Boost your immune health

    With the colder weather again approaching and the inevitable cold and flu season, those of us with compromised immune function may well want to consider boosting our immune system with time honoured medicinal herbs. Herbs have always been with us. Herbs like echinacea, astragalus, andrographis all have proven ability to boost our immune cells that help to keep us free of infection. These types of herbs can be used for acute and chronic conditions, check with your qualified herbal practitioner what is best for you, and remember if a liquid preparation doesn't suit you, there are plenty of other ways to dose yourself. Don't wait until symptoms arise, act now so you can enjoy the winter months.

    Pleomorphic fermenting battery

    Humans are like a pleomorphic fermenting battery, let me explain:
    What does pleomorphic mean?
    Pleomorphic basically means “form changing”, so when we talk about bacteria or microorganisms, the environment or medium they live in and replicate in will dictate the strain or species? that they become. Yes I’ll say it again, the medium or terrain they live and replicate in will determine what they are, whether they are friend or foe, our best friend or our worst enemy. This contradicts the monomorphic view which states bacteria and microorganisms are fixed and unchanging since the beginnings of time. This is the current view held by the orthodoxy and has remained since the early days of microbiology. The differences between the two views of science is not new, and if you are interested in the history of science you will see this fight was big in the early days, however the monomorphic view held sway, and has done through to the current day. However there is a huge body of evidence supporting pleomorphism.
    So, we have a microbiome, some kilos of microorganisms that live in and on us, we are not sterile or free internally of bacteria as the Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch would have you believe. These microorganisms have many jobs to do in keeping us alive and well, or in the case of a sickly acid, deoxygenated environment they change to consume the diseased products in that internal terrain, which translates to disease, sickness and ultimately death. There is not a lot between fermentation and putrefaction just the environment, therefore would you not say if pleomorphism is in fact right, the disease actually lies in the tissue and not the microorganism, ultimately debunking germ theory. It takes a mind shift to start to understand and accept this theory. 20th century conventional medicine was not interested in the host and its resistance to disease it, and still isn’t generally speaking, it elevated the microbe to the place of prominence.
    So what’s the battery bit? We are full of or should be full of colloidal minerals throughout our body fluids, the lowest common denominator in health. These collodials, which we obtain daily mainly from fruit and vegetables maintain our pH and are involved in all human biological functions. We are literally an alkaline system that produces acid waste, and that acid waste has to be safely eliminated from the body so as not to cause damage to our internal workings. What does this? Collodial alkaline minerals. This is where the “battery” bit comes in. If we are deficient in these colloids then the system will eventually start to breakdown, causing symptoms and disease, energy production being one. Maintaining the correct pH with sufficient colloidal mineral intake also maintains a healthy microbiome and also a healthy ATP (adenosine triphoshate- the molecule that provides energy) output.
    It does sound a bit complicated, but ultimately if you stick to a Mediterranean diet or similar this should maintain your pleomorphic fermenting battery.

    Winter is coming

    Winter, again is on the way.The cold weather and cold air reduce our immune systems ability to fight infection,particularly our air ways which is the first point of contact for airborne of contact microbes.Also, keep in mind that microbes can morph depending on the pH and condition of our internal environment.We have been conditioned to believe in the germ theory, and as we know that the condition of our internal environment is the determining factor in whether we get an infection or not, or develop the right environment for the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria and viruses.The body’s pH should be slightly alkaline so lots of fruit and veggies, and well as foods that contain lots of minerals like zinc.Classic herbs such as echinacea, andrographis, astragalus, olive leaf can keep for immune system in tip top condition.Avoid antibiotics for viral infections, they are ineffective, and if your system does get to the point of having to have antibiotics make sure you reseed for gut with pre and pro-biotics, this is extremely important. If you unsure of what to do pop in and have a chat with us and we may be able to offer a solution, and remember preventative healthcare is always the best approach.


    Boost your immune system before winter

    With the colder weather again approaching and the inevitable cold and flu season, those of us with compromised immune function may well want to consider boosting our immune system with time honoured medicinal herbs. Herbs have always been with us. Herbs like echinacea, astragalus, andrographis all have proven ability to boost our immune cells that help to keep us free of infection. These types of herbs can be used for acute and chronic conditions, check with your qualified herbal practitioner what is best for you, and remember if a liquid preparation doesn't suit you, there are plenty of other ways to dose yourself. Don't wait until symptoms arise, act now so you can enjoy the winter months.

    Make sure you get out from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind to refreshen your connection to nature. photo taken by Iain Maclean, Marion Bay on Tasmania’s east coast


    Understanding the scientific work of Nikolai Kozyrev and Nikolai Tesla and the fundamental energy of the universe, couple that with the work of Antoine Bechamp and even the work of Wilheim Reich are we starting to see how the universe, time, gravity and life works. Lots more work required to do really uncover the mysteries of zero point energy and the “step-downs” into physical life of the microzyma, protit, bion.

    The micro biome, the very essence of our humanity, evolution, survival, ignore it at your peril.


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    Where to from here in medicine and healing?

    Since the body is permeated by this force, it must be regarded as “ a homogeneous and harmonious whole.” The pioneers of naturopathy studied the whole and not only the parts. “We cannot injure one part of it without damaging other parts, and often the entire organism.”
    Health results from an unimpeded flow of vital force in the body, from harmony among the components. Disease represents loss of harmony caused by ascendency of the “destructive principle” in nature “that principle which disintegrates and destroys existing forms and types.”
    More concretely, both acute and chronic disease reflect lowered vitality, caused the continuing accumulation of waste matter and toxins in the body and due ultimately to poor diet, overwork, excesses of various kinds “...the use of alcoholic and narcotic stimulants, drugs, vaccines, antitoxins, accidental poisoning, and last but not least, to the suppression of acute diseases (nature’s cleansing and healing efforts) by poisonous drugs and surgical operations.”
    What is commonly called ‘acute’ disease is in reality the result of Nature’s efforts to eliminate from the organism waste matter, foreign matter, and poisons.
    Every so-called acute disease is the result of a cleansing and healing effort of Nature.
    The real disease is lowered vitality, abnormal composition of the vital fluids (blood & lymph) and the resulting accumulation of waste materials and poisons.
    The allopathic school has a wrong understanding of this process, mistaking cause for effect and confusing the ‘disease’ with the response of the vital force.
    “What the Old school of medicine calls the disease, we look upon as the cure.
    The physician met support the healing thrust of the organism. Healing is effected by the vital force, and the physician can only assist.
    Divided Legacy, Harris Coulter