Winter is coming

Winter, again is on the way.The cold weather and cold air reduce our immune systems ability to fight infection,particularly our air ways which is the first point of contact for airborne of contact microbes.Also, keep in mind that microbes can morph depending on the pH and condition of our internal environment.We have been conditioned to believe in the germ theory, and as we know that the condition of our internal environment is the determining factor in whether we get an infection or not, or develop the right environment for the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria and viruses.The body’s pH should be slightly alkaline so lots of fruit and veggies, and well as foods that contain lots of minerals like zinc.Classic herbs such as echinacea, andrographis, astragalus, olive leaf can keep for immune system in tip top condition.Avoid antibiotics for viral infections, they are ineffective, and if your system does get to the point of having to have antibiotics make sure you reseed for gut with pre and pro-biotics, this is extremely important. If you unsure of what to do pop in and have a chat with us and we may be able to offer a solution, and remember preventative healthcare is always the best approach.