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Candida is what is called a saprophytic micro-organism, an organism which gets its energy from dead or decaying organic matter. It is not pathogenic per se. It has the most rapid growth rate among all fungi. Normally Candida is present in the host organism as an isolated yeast cell. Permanent colonisation with inactive yeasts is considered to be essential and beneficial. Candida’s multiplication in the body does not occur accidentally. The milieu (inner terrain) of the body is in great part determined by its pH value, and a low pH (acidic) is ideal for candida to thrive. Insidious acidification of the human’s internal environment is the main cause indicated by an acidic urine, (ph below 6.5), caused by faulty diet. High intake of protein steals the body of alkalinity, plus chronic faulty fermentation in the bowels can produce large amounts of acids. pH of the duodenum should be close to 8.3, this rectifies the low pH of the chyme coming from the stomach. During acidification, this can lower the pH of the duodenum triggering the release of alkaline pancreatic juices. This stimulates the cells of the stomach (cover cells) to secrete more sodium bicarbonate into the blood, then more hydrochloric acid is produced and excreted into the stomach. This becomes a vicious cycle. Intake of alkaline colloids (minerals) is essential to maintain the pH throughout the whole digestive process. We wouldn’t have this essential information if it wasn’t for science. Don’t forget there are many in science that have a vested interest in the status quo of germ theory, we need to be very careful when we put scientists and their theories on a pedestal, theories need to be critically analysed constantly particularly when new evidence comes to hand.

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Healing Crisis

The Healing crisis, often mistaken by rationalists as a degenerative disease process, is an acute reaction from the ascendency of Nature’s healing forces over disease conditions. It is a method of elimination. The crisis does not always bring about a cure. It can be fatally destructive if the organism possesses too little reactive power. The ultimate job of the practitioner is to bring the patient to a healing crisis, which completes the elimination. Such a crisis occurs rapidly in acute conditions more slowly (or never) in chronic ones. Homeopathy and herbal medicine offer a direct path to the healing crisis, working directly on the vital force. A well repertorised homeopathic remedy can arouse weak cells to an acute reaction. Hering’s Law of Cure, Law of Similars, Law of Dual Effect, Arndt-Schulz Law.



Candida is a severe disorder of the digestive system, involving the depletion or loss of the essential bowel bacteria, the resultant breakdown of the digestive process, and the ensuing infection of the bowel with the Candida Albicans yeast mould. It can affect anyone, from babies to adults, male or female. Candida is not contagious.
This condition is normally the result of stress, poor diet and in many cases, prescribed medications such as antibiotics and some other drugs. In children, it is often the result of not having being breast-fed, or having been breast-fed by a mother suffering Candida herself.
It is necessary to continue treatment for many months to overcome the condition.

Foods to avoid:
Alcohol (particularly beer), bread, tea, coffee, dairy products, fried foods, smoked foods, processed tomato products, mushrooms, grapes, melons, pickles, processed foods, soy sauce, sugar in any form, vegemite, vinegar, yeast, dried fruit, fruit juices, olives, honey, peanuts, jams, cordials, soft drinks. Any foods that feed the yeast.

Foods to eat:
Rice, cornflour, wheat-free pasta, eggs, two pieces of fruit daily, herbal teas, natural spring water, nuts, oats, oatbran, oliveoil, free range poultry, rice noodles, seafood of all kinds, soyaroni, organic chemically-free soy milk, soy noodles, yeast-free bread occasionally, millet, lean lamb, some beef, buckwheat, nut spread (except peanut), dairy-free spread, green herbs, gin, some tonic water, plenty of fresh vegetables (raw is best, or briefly steamed).

Other suggested treatments:

Herbs such as Garlic, Echinacea, Cat’s Claw, Pau D’arco, are known to have anti-fungal properties and can help restore normal bowel flora. Also supplement with Saccharomyces boulardii,Lactobacillus acidophilus . Colonic Irrigation can remove large colonies of yeast cells for a more rapid improvement. Check with your Herbalist or Naturopath.