Jan 2015

Lunchtime walk to reduce stress

Stressed at work, try a lunchtime walk, check out the science behind it...



The World Health Organisation has classified Australia as a mildly iodine deficient country. Most iodine is found in seafood or in iodine-fortified foods.
Iodine is required by our bodies for the synthesis of thyroid hormones T3 and T4, and is therefore essential for normal thyroid function. Not getting enough iodine in your diet may produce deficiency disorders, which can result in hypothyroidism, mental retardation, goiter, and abnormalities associated with growth and development.
If you suspect your iodine intake is low, ask your healthcare practitioner what is the best source for you.


Proton pump inhibitors are the 3rd biggest seller in the United States, with a staggering 113 million prescriptions filled each year, racking up $US13.9 billion in sales. Looks like from these figures Americans have real issues with dyspepsia. Australia is not far behind.
From a naturopathic viewpoint there can be a few treatments that can benefit this uncomfortable condition. First of all, the elimination of dairy, wheat and processed foods from the diet and inclusion of fresh vegetables and fruit is a great start. Herbs such as chamomile, meadowsweet, marshmallow and liquorice root may be beneficial as well as sodium phosphate, potassium chloride to help “rebalance” the stomach chemistry. Talk to your naturopathic health practitioner about what treatment is appropriate for you.


Hobart is a wonderful little scenic city, situated in the far south of the Australian nation.
It’s natural beauty draws visitors from all over the world. Australians from the “big island”,
Australia’s mainland think they can drive around in a day. Even after living in Tasmania
for over 43 years I still haven’t managed to see it all