Jan 2019

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“prophylactic” use of antibiotics

A particular source of concern is the “prophylactic” use of antibiotics—to compensate for unhygienic conditions or just on general principles:
Antibiotic prophylaxis against the bacterial world at large is not practical and, in fact, may induce more infection than it aims to prevent ... [It] does little more than ensure that the superimposed infections will be resistant to the antibiotics used. One survey showed that two-thirds of all patients who were admitted, exclusive of the obstetric and newborn services, received antibiotics, most of which were given prophy-lactically before operations. In another study, bacterial complications in clean operations were five times higher in prophylactically treated patients than in patients not given antibiotics prophylactically ... Prophylaxis is often used but is not only valueless, but also sometimes dangerous in viral infections, routine preoperative or postoperative care, comatose patients, bulbar poliomyelitis, tracheotomized patients, very ill patients with noninfectious diseases, and patients receiving steroid therapy.—B. M. Kagan et al., 1973

What is Schade?

What is Schade?

‘As the blood cannot change (essential homeostasis) it picks up the acids and transports them first to the connective tissues of the body where they are stored. It is the organ that connects, holds everything in our bodies in place, composed of ligaments, tendons, and the like obviously but as these breakdown into finer and finer fibres it becomes literally the scaffolding that holds every single celling our bodies in place. if too many acids need storing in this organ, including muscles, inflammation and pain develop.
The space enclosed by these finer and finer fibres is called Pishinger’s Space. Essentially, this is the extracellular space that contains the fluids that bathe and feed each and every cell while carrying away the wastes from those same cells.
The acid-binding power of the bloodand the tissue juices depend less on its pH value, but more upon the size of its alkali reserve. If this reserve is full of stored acids there is not much ‘reserve’,” the solution, either increase colloid intake preferably through diet like Mediterranean Diet, this will also reduce acid load intake.


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