Jan 2021

Short Chain Fatty Acids

SCFAs are produced as the result of microbial fermentation in the gut, absorbed by coloncytes through active transport over the apical membrane. Some SCFAs are consumed by the colonocytes as an energy source while the remaining enter the bloodstream. Amounts produced in the gut are directly related to dietary fibre intake. Higher levels are associated with reduced risk for various diseases, such as inflammatory bowel diseases, diabetes and intestinal cancer. Could well be the missing link in the gut/brain axis, which might exert effects on mental health and behaviour.

Active Elements


Active Elements are an excellent way of upping your mineral intake. In this day and age of industrialised food production we may well be experiencing mineral deficiencies. This can be seen in symptoms that have there basis in latent acidosis, where the mineral intake is insufficient to deal with pH den,manes of the body.

Welcome to 2021

Welcome to 2021. As this year gets underway we can see like last year how important it continues to be to build and support your host resistance. What does that actually mean though? Since the middle of the 19th century medical sciences have been in disagreement about the nature of bacteria/viruses and the nature of disease. The dominant branch of allopathic rationalism has supported the idea of germ theory and these disease causing germs are unchanging (monomorphism), and the host organism is passive. Whereas the other camp, the Empirics/pleomorphists, it is all about the inner terrain which is where the disease lies, and the germs only respond to the messages the terrain/host transmits to the changing germ (pleomorphism). If you are undecided but are interested in science and paradigm change pop in to the shop and ask Iain about books, publications and studies that go a long way to explaining the changing nature of biological theory...