Mar 2018

Pleomorphic fermenting battery

Humans are like a pleomorphic fermenting battery, let me explain:
What does pleomorphic mean?
Pleomorphic basically means “form changing”, so when we talk about bacteria or microorganisms, the environment or medium they live in and replicate in will dictate the strain or species? that they become. Yes I’ll say it again, the medium or terrain they live and replicate in will determine what they are, whether they are friend or foe, our best friend or our worst enemy. This contradicts the monomorphic view which states bacteria and microorganisms are fixed and unchanging since the beginnings of time. This is the current view held by the orthodoxy and has remained since the early days of microbiology. The differences between the two views of science is not new, and if you are interested in the history of science you will see this fight was big in the early days, however the monomorphic view held sway, and has done through to the current day. However there is a huge body of evidence supporting pleomorphism.
So, we have a microbiome, some kilos of microorganisms that live in and on us, we are not sterile or free internally of bacteria as the Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch would have you believe. These microorganisms have many jobs to do in keeping us alive and well, or in the case of a sickly acid, deoxygenated environment they change to consume the diseased products in that internal terrain, which translates to disease, sickness and ultimately death. There is not a lot between fermentation and putrefaction just the environment, therefore would you not say if pleomorphism is in fact right, the disease actually lies in the tissue and not the microorganism, ultimately debunking germ theory. It takes a mind shift to start to understand and accept this theory. 20th century conventional medicine was not interested in the host and its resistance to disease it, and still isn’t generally speaking, it elevated the microbe to the place of prominence.
So what’s the battery bit? We are full of or should be full of colloidal minerals throughout our body fluids, the lowest common denominator in health. These collodials, which we obtain daily mainly from fruit and vegetables maintain our pH and are involved in all human biological functions. We are literally an alkaline system that produces acid waste, and that acid waste has to be safely eliminated from the body so as not to cause damage to our internal workings. What does this? Collodial alkaline minerals. This is where the “battery” bit comes in. If we are deficient in these colloids then the system will eventually start to breakdown, causing symptoms and disease, energy production being one. Maintaining the correct pH with sufficient colloidal mineral intake also maintains a healthy microbiome and also a healthy ATP (adenosine triphoshate- the molecule that provides energy) output.
It does sound a bit complicated, but ultimately if you stick to a Mediterranean diet or similar this should maintain your pleomorphic fermenting battery.