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Active Elements

Active Elements for acute and chronic mineral prescribing


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The North American herb, Echinacea, grown and used widely in Australia.
Echinacea is often known for its "buzzing" in the mouth effect. This is created by the chemicals in the plant that provide its immune boosting effects. If your echinacea product doesn't produce this, chances are its not very good. The chemicals, known as alkynamides are present in the root and flower and part of the plant's defence against infection.

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Winter immune boost

With the colder weather again approaching and the inevitable cold and flu season, those of us with compromised immune function may well want to consider boosting our immune system with time honoured medicinal herbs. Herbs have always been with us. Herbs like echinacea, astragalus, andrographis all have proven ability to boost our immune cells that help to keep us free of infection. These types of herbs can be used for acute and chronic conditions, check with your qualified herbal practitioner what is best for you, and remember if a liquid preparation doesn't suit you, there are plenty of other ways to dose yourself. Don't wait until symptoms arise, act now so you can enjoy the winter months.

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Rhodiola is found in the Arctic regions. Russian scientists proposed Rhodiola as an adaptogenic herb in 1968. Therapeutic indications suggest use in fatigue, mental and/or physical exhaustion, to improve mental performance, concentration, and memory, especially when under stress, may assist sexual function in men. Also combines well with other adaptogens and tonics, such as panax ginseng, withania, siberian ginseng, astragalus and damiana.
Available in liquid and tablet.

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Echinacea for immunity

Echinacea is an immunomodulator, mainly acting on non-specific immunity, so may be helpful in allergy and autoimmunity. Helps build resistance to infections, particularly the upper respiratory tract. There is no evidence to suggest Echinacea is a negative to the immune system in longterm usage.


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