Nov 2018


Even though Metchnikov admitted he was a vitalist his views on phagocytosis were that it was a defence mechanism of pathobiont destruction (germ theory- keeping in mind his “boss” was Pasteur at the institute in Paris). Antoine Bechamp mentioned this was incorrect, and surprised so many believed or believe this view, whereas he ,and also Jules Tissot observed it as a stage of maturation of the sub cellular primal life forms (protit, microzyma, bions or the various other names that have been attributed) as mentioned below;

“The last of the bacteria approaching fusion into the mass give it the appearance of phagocytosis. This indicates that phagocytosis is really not a defence mechanism of bacterial destruction, but a stage of maturation of the sub-cellular primal life forms after the cellular disintegration has occurred which released them temporarily as free agents. All the other antibodies, the antitoxins, agglutinins, opsonins, and so forth, are simply phases in the maturation of bacterial forms into moulds. Hence the body is not combatting the bacteria and attempting to kill the germs, but rather is speeding their maturation into a more tolerable form from which a subsequent reclamation is made to return the "delinquent" granules to a normal useful form.”