Dinah Stern-Spiteri BA; GradDipCouns; GradCertCareerDev; CertIV Child Protection; Mindfulness Practitioner
(MACA Clinical) Clinical (Level 4) Member of the Australian Counselling Association and listed on the ARCAP (Australian register of counsellors and psychotherapists)
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Although I have been counselling across several areas, like relationships, mental health issues, careers, mediation, grief and trauma, ‘Pet Bereavement' has been an area of interest for quite some time now. The loss of a pet has a significant impact on a person’s physical and emotional well being and yet the grief one feels is often overlooked with a ‘she’ll be right’ attitude. I disagree with this, because our pets are so much part of our family and their passing deserves the same respect - how we grieve and take care of ourselves at a time of sorrow is important to being able to move forward, no matter how long it takes - very journey of grief takes as long as it takes.
I will continue to offer counselling in other areas as well, as I am aware that life isn’t always nicely compartmentalised and up’s and down’s flow into each other and thus need to be treated as a ‘whole’. I work from a client-centred approach, gently unlocking the strengths within the individual, empowering them to more effectively manage their lives and the situations that enter their paths.
I work Tuesdays to Fridays and appointments can be made by contacting me via my Facebook page “Pet Bereavement and Adjustment Counselling”, my mobile on 0419 668 614 or 6223 7388