Jan 2016

Game changer brain immunity


Times are a changing, and so is how we see the body

Happy 2016 to you all

Wishing you all a successful 2016, and the best of health.

Health is defined as the absence of disease and from a naturopathic perspective this means living a life that promotes health. Unfortunately in the 21st century this is far from the truth. We have vested interests that make lots of money keeping people sick rather than healthy. I have often thought a true health system would reward the doctor and patient for living a healthy life, it seems the opposite occurs, and until there is a fundamental change in the concept of health we will continue down this path. Many naturopathic practitioners are unable to make a full living from their practice. The dedicated ones keep the flame alive. Many don’t. This is a shame, it’s a waste of a great resource. I do hope that younger generations are able to keep the passion alive and convince policy makers about this resource and the passion that comes with it. Science of course is the truth teller. When science tells us a herb is more effective than a drug, we use the herb. Why doesn’t this happen?I think we all know the answer. We are all poorer for it, except the drug makers! So next time you think about your health, or your family’s health, think also about your options. Until next time, best of health to you.