May 2022

Pleomorphism, what is it?

“If Pleomorphism were correct, scientific investigation of bacteria would be an impossibility. One grasps one’s head to make sure it is still on the shoulders. The whole structure of our science threatens to collapse.” F. Loehnis, 1922
Science can and does change/evolve, old ways are replaced, theories once seen as unsurmountable are found wanting and replaced, new paradigms emerge. A revolution in biology is emerging, beware of the current climate of intransigence in science, its not healthy and certainly won’t give us the answers moving into a new scientific paradigm.

pH regulation

The pH (acid/alkaline balance) of the body is only regulated by minerals. When not enough alkaline minerals are entering into our biology, bones potentially become a source to maintain blood pH. Demineralisation is a common problem in western civilisation particularly since industrialisation. A fully charged “battery” as per illustration is the ideal place to be to maintain normal homeostatic function. This is poorly understood by the lay population and consequently is becoming a major issue with a host of illnesses arising due to this latent acidosis or even compensated acidosis. One sure way to help rectify this issue is re-mineralisation. Check with your naturopathic practitioner to see what is the best approach for you.
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